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As a jewellery designer, I soon found myself embracing the textile gem for men, ties made from pure silk, the fabric of kings.

Of all the splendid velvet, silk, brocade and fur clothing worn in the times of the Medici clothier dynasty, the only speck of colour remaining in men’s wardrobes are the silk ties. All the more reason for us men to place emphasis on them, because it’s what makes us men individual, and expresses our wardrobe character.

I may not be a Medici, but I too have Italian silk production running in my blood, because one of my ancestors is Giambattista Bonavino, a famous Genoan clothier in his time. His grandson Lorenzo, however, was not content with retail alone, and went to Como to produce silk fabrics himself.

Silkworms were bred in the Brianza region south of Como as early as the Renaissance period. In 1748, Como and its surrounds were home to 248 spinning mills, and in the 19th century, silks were the most important export item in all of Lombardy. Even today, Como is responsible for 70 percent of Europe’s silk processing. So it was very easy for me to revive the tradition of my Italian forefathers.

Today, the colourful, Jacquard-woven silk for our ties is still spun on Italian looms, but they are now state-of-the-art, computerised looms which guarantee the unparalleled high quality of our silks.

However, our ties are today still intricately hand-sewn from the tightly woven silks.

My tie and foulard collection allows me to continue the tradition of my ancestors, and take it into the next generation. An opulent explosion of colour, inspired by the patterns and colours of the Italian Renaissance is what makes the LORENZO CANA shawls, scarves, ties and fabrics so unusual and unique, and each of us a Medici of the new millennium.

Andreas Bretschneider, LORENZO CANA trademark owner


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