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Lorenzo Cana is a high-end European brand whose creation was based on going against the grain of the fast-fashion age.

We instead align ourselves with the tradition of the Italian textile trade, and offer our customers high-quality, long-lasting and uniquely colourful products made from silk and other natural fibres.

The first online shop was opened as early as 1999 under the Cana label, initially selling designer jewellery.

Soon after came exclusive silk ties, luxurious silk scarves and shawls for men and women, as well as magnificent Jacquard-woven silk fabrics, and, more recently, high-quality men’s shirts.

Due to the huge success of the online shop, Lorenzo Cana’s brick-and-mortar store closed in 2002, after which point its products were exclusively sold on the Internet, where they embarked on a triumphal procession around the world, and are today worn by satisfied customers in over 80 countries.

     luxus krawatten von lorenzo cana


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